Beginners yoga classes in Coffs Harbour

What an amazing beginner’s class we had tonight with so many brand new first time ever yogis. Every time someone walks into my studio and tells me it is their first ever yoga class, the only thing I think is “you are so brave!”.

It takes so much courage to begin something new, to go somewhere you have never been before and allow yourself to be vulnerable in a room full of strangers. It takes a REALLY BIG BRAVE HEART.

I know this because I too once walked into my first ever yoga class and I will tell you a secret, I was scared as hell. I didn’t think I was flexible, I didn’t think I was strong and I REALLY didn’t like my body.

But through my yoga practice over many, many years I have learnt that I am capable of flexibility, that I do possess more strength that I ever believed and yes I even learnt to love and accept my body. But this is still a daily practice for me, that is why it is called a yoga PRACTICE, every day I do my practice on the mat, I use all the tools in my yoga tool belt, breath, asana, mantra, meditation and focus and I try and take what I learn on the mat out into the world.

To all my new yogi’s I want to say I admire you more than you can ever imagine. I honour you for having the courage to listen to the call of your hearts that is pulling you to yoga, and the will and the strength to act on it.

Jasmine x


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