Student of the month: Serena Powter

We are excited to share our new feature ‘Student of the month’, where we honour our wonderful community and take some time to get to know our fellow yogis. We hope you enjoy. Our first wonderful Yogi is the always lovely and ever smiling Serena.

Tell us a little about serena 2yourself…
I’m 54 years young and happy, who love’s laughing and yoga, sometimes at the same time.
How long have you been practising yoga?
I’ve been practising yoga with Jasmine for about 10 months. Best decision I’ve made 
Why do you practice yoga?
I practice yoga because I love it and wanted to cut back on running daily and learn to calm the mind and body. Yoga has been perfect for this as I no longer get irritable if I don’t run. Yoga is teaching me to concentrate on my mind and well being instead of focusing and obsessing on body image. Yoga to me is an all round life enhancer.
What is your favourite yoga pose and why?
I love all yoga poses and really digging crow, half moon and pigeon pose. My favourite has always been Tree pose as it makes me feel strong and confident.

What are you most grateful for?
I am most grateful for you Jasmine, you are my first love to yoga. Never had lessons before you and your vibrant easy going nature and wonderful teaching skills keeps me coming back, along with your always friendly welcoming love and your crazy loveable nuttiness.
I love One Conscious Breath because… of you and all the other amazing teachers and it is a beautiful fun loving studio.

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