Meet our new Yoga Teacher, Eva Brenner











I would love to introduce you to our lovely new teacher, Eva.

When do you feel most alive? Every day on my yoga mat… and jumping into the ocean!

Describe your perfect day. Yoga in the morning, a walk in nature, a good dance and a community project with friends like fixing up a garden or making group art.

What are some books that have changed the way you look at the world? Be Here Now by Ram Dass, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras translated by Ravi Ravidra and Revolution by Russell Brand.

What was a defining moment in your life? I am yet to have one defining moment but I do experience gradual daily learning by experiencing, reflecting and opening up to the present moment.

What words of wisdom would you share with your teenage self? Go your own way!

What are you most grateful for? Family, friends, nature and health.

How has your yoga practice evolved over the years? I came to yoga after years of rhythmic gymnastics, I just didn’t want to compete anymore. When I transitioned into yoga I was doing a lot of vinyasa flow and ashtanga yoga. Although, these styles are still loves of mine I now also incorporate gentle Hatha yoga, meditation, Bhakti yoga through chanting, and pranayama (breathing techniques). My yoga benefits every aspect of my life and I have a much more holistic practice.

What is the greatest gift you have learned/received from yoga? The gift of listening to my body. And I mean really listening, our bodies can tell us so much about the way we need to react, the decisions we need to make and the path we need to follow. Yoga has allowed me to find a trust in my body and an ease in my intuition. Our thinking mind can over analyse, scare us and trouble us, I’ve learnt how important it is to give our body a chance to do some guiding.

How do you feel in one word today? Peaceful.

Join Eva for 9.30am Beginners Yoga and 6pm General Yoga each Thursday at One Conscious Breath Yoga Studio.