Student of the month: Trevor Jones

It is our joy and honour to introduce Trevor Jones as our student of the month for August. Trevor has shown incredible dedication to his practice over the past two years and all of the teachers at One Conscious Breath have loved witnessing great transformation in many areas of Trevor’s life rippling out through from his practice.

1. Tell us a little about yourself…
I have been practising Yoga for a little over 2 years after by my Daughter, Lisa, suggested I come and try Yoga at your studio. After one or two sessions, Lisa left me too it.

3. Why do you practice yoga and what have you gained from your practice?
Yoga provides me with benefits to my physical body in strength and balance, and the ability to calm my mind. I find I cycle though favoured poses , something as simple as a forward fold, can provide relaxation , 3 deep breathes in Warrior 3 are easier knowing the unique feeling in Savasana is approaching.

4. What is your favourite yoga pose and why?
My favourite pose is shoulder stand and if I could replicate the feeling of Savasana while inverted , how good would that be!

5. A question we often get asked is, ‘Can Men join your classes as well?’, How do you feel often being out numbered by female yogis in class?
Quite often I may be the only male yogi in the class amongst a room of female yogis, a point I pondered on initially, however this was no matter of importance.

6. What are you most grateful for?
I am most grateful for the benefits Yoga has given me and I encourage more Men to experience the change Yoga can offer to health … And for this I Love One Conscious Breath.