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Lorien Walden
Soul filled sister. Nature goddess. Real. Kind. Humble. With a smiling heart I introduce you to the lovely and beautiful, Lorien Waldon

What is your passion?
My passion is in educating and inspiring myself and others – studying and delving into philosophy, spending time connecting with nature, connecting with people, being creative, artistic, writing, drawing, dancing, photography, organic wholefood nutrition, working with individuals, groups and children to inspire a love of nature and give access to the beauty and wonder that is available for us all to connect with at all times… as it is what I am so humbled and in awe of daily in my own life. My passion is in sharing love ~ wholesome, loving goodness ~love through a variety of forms that can facilitate inner growth and transformation. Life!

When do you feel most alive?
When I’m in nature! Sunrise, Sunset, Ocean, Waterfall, amongst the trees, on top of a mountain, lying on the earth. Nature connection is when I feel most alive. Also when dancing, during my yoga & chi gong practice, when surfing, riding my bike, bush walking and travelling/exploring/adventuring and connecting with people from different walks of life.

What does a typical day in your life look like?
Seeing the sunrise, time at the beach, Yoga practice, Meditation, writing, studying, drawing, taking photo’s, cooking organic wholesome food, dancing, walking, seeing the sunset and a relatively early night’s sleep so that I am rested and ready for another magical day of the above!

What is a book/books that has changed the way you look at the world?
There are so many amazing books that I have loved reading. One that comes to mind is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I read it about 7 years ago, when I was 18, straight out of high school… Something about the message within that book spoke to my core and moved me to tears-it really resonated. It is a beautiful book that is quite transformational. Another book that was very impactful was ‘The Road Less Travelled’ by M.Scott Peck. Such a great book, again about the journey of inner awareness and transformation.

What was a defining moment in your life?
When my beloved Grandpa, ‘Pa’ passed away last year, I had a very close bond with him, so much love, such a beautiful man. I experienced being with him while he passed away and took his last breaths, holding his hand with my Mum. This was a big, the biggest moment of my life. From this experience and the love I shared with my Pa, my view on what was important in life, what really matters and what I wanted to offer and contribute to the world, the planet, people shifted. It was incredibly defining, the greatest gift and blessing.

What words of wisdom would you share with your teenage self?
Hmm. I love you, trust in the process of life, surrender to the magic, flow and beauty around you and dance – celebrate your uniqueness and dance, dance, dance!

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is a holistic system of health and knowledge of the body and it’s interactions with nature and the world around that comes from the ancient 5,000 year old texts known as the Veda’s from India. The word Ayur-Veda literally means the ‘Knowledge and Science of Life’. Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and covers in depth knowledge of the physical body, subtle energies in the body and how to create and maintain balance within and without through the food we eat, the cycles and seasons of life, our activities and our inner and outer actions and dispositions. It is a science that is about creating balance through accessing a connection with our own bodies intelligence – in harmony with nature.

When did you discover Ayurveda and why do you love it so much?
I first discovered Ayurveda when I was 16, visiting my Dad in Byron Bay, spending time with him in his kitchen, watching him cook with Ghee, Turmeric and other Ayurvedic spices! I was intrigued and delighted by the food he prepared, then asked him more about it, and he introduced me to ‘Ayurveda’ what it is, the philosophy, what it covers, where it’s from  etc… I fell in love with it from then on. I was amazed to have discovered a natural and ancient, wise, universal health system that made so much sense to every cell of my being, to my spirit.

From then on I became dedicated to the study of this beautiful science and chose to begin studying Ayurveda when I was 18 after finishing high school. It is such a love, it has been 8 years now since I began studying Ayurveda and the love, respect, beauty and inspiration that I experience through the journey of Ayurveda being apart of my life, my work, my study, my travels etc continues to blossom and grow to new levels… I am still just as excited as I was 8 years ago. My recent trip to India this year has enkindled my love and respect for this science even more. It is so rich, so universal and so relevant for this day and age. I am so inspired by the philosophy, wisdom and ancient knowledge with which Ayurveda comes from and offers.

If you could share just one piece of advice with the world what would it be?
‘Always be humble enough to grow…’ there are endless possibilities available and awaiting all of us all the time… there is so much we don’t know, so much mystery and so much to beauty to be revealed within our true nature once we can surrender to the mystery and realise there are always virtues and qualities within to cultivate and grow in this life. As soon as we think we are ‘done’ or ‘know everything’, we shut a door to the magic and mystery. It’s exciting that there is so much to discover, experience and share ~ staying open and humble with our relationships, with ourselves, one another within all our activities, pursuits and the big picture of life.

What are you most grateful for?
Nature, the sun, the moon, the stars, the ocean, the wind, the water, the trees, the flowers, the earth… I am grateful for being born into the world with a beautiful, loving and inspiring family and community of wise elders, aunties and uncles. So many amazing teachers and experiences on the journey so far that have been such a huge contribution and gift. Especially for my mother who has shown me so much beauty, educated me with so much love and nurtured my inner growth and development through her love of life and courage to explore new frontiers in health, spirituality, personal development, transformation and holistic living. I am so grateful for parents that I love, my dad introducing me to the magical science of Ayurveda and for the gift of living in such a beautiful, nature-abundant part of the world with fresh organic produce accessible and an amazing community of friends and family.

Do you have a regular spiritual practice?
Connecting with nature on a daily basis is the foundation for my spiritual practice. Nature is divine, it is one with all, being in nature inspires that connection and beauty within. Each moment, interaction and action is a spiritual practice – really. It is taking action’s with awareness that cultivates and contributes to spiritual nourishment and growth. I also love to sit still daily in nature and meditate, tune in, connect. Prayer is also very sacred to me. A combination of meditation, prayer and reflection, nature connection… these are some core ingredients to my daily practice. The most important parts of my day.

How do you feel in one word today?

Lorien Waldon is on a mission is to transform and inspire communities kitchen by kitchen towards a path of food & lifestyle self-empowerment that will create a ripple effect on individuals, families, communities, society and the world… being truly nourished & filled with Wholesome Loving Goodness from the inside out! Her passion for health and experience as a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant has led her to see that many of the imbalances we are faced with in life stem from an imbalance in our food, nutrition and eating approaches. Without the need for complex medicines and therapies ~ simply addressing the basics, such as food & lifestyle can get to the cause of what is going on and create some profound positive changes within that ripple out into our families, relationships, career’s, communities and the world at large

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