What is your passion? Mary Beth LaRue

Yogini. Blisscrafter. Inspiration to the max. Honest. Humble. Kind. What an honour it is to introduce
you to someone I admire so very much, Mary Beth LaRue.

What is your passion?

Connecting with others in an inspiring, real way – whether that’s through travel, yoga, writing, or a walk with my pup.

When do you feel most alive?

After a sweaty yoga practice or work out, after a good brainstorming sesh, traveling somewhere I’ve never been and allowing myself to get lost, after an amazing day with my husband.

Describe your perfect day.

Sunday morning. wake up super slow, make coffee, put some records on, meet friends for brunch, walk around beach/main street/abbot kinney, a couple drinks in the sun then a chill night at home making dinner and watching a movie.

What are some books that have changed the way you look at the world?

Anything by Danielle Laporte. I adore her.
“traveling mercies,” by anne lamott
“bringing yoga to life,” by donna farhi
“if the buddha married,” by charlotte kasl

What was a defining moment in your life?

The moment I left my desk job. I had only been there two years and was right out of college, but i knew it would lead to a life of being “stuck.” a lot of changes happened rapid fire after that – yoga teacher training, meeting amazing friends, a break up, moving to Los Angeles (which was the BEST defining moment!). i am so grateful that my 24-year-old self sucked it up, listened to her heart and ignored everybody who thought i was crazy. big thank you that little version of me!!

What words of wisdom would you share with your teenage self?

I just got a little teary reading this question. there are so many things i’d say to myself but the biggest ones are –
“be gentle. don’t rush. you are precious.”
i’d probably say them to my teenage self a million times over.

What is your favourite thing to listen to when doing yoga?

Depends on the day. somedays it’s all soulful, electronica grooves and to be honest somedays it’s some x-rated hip hop.

What are you most grateful for?

My little family – my husband Matt and our bulldog, the fact that i make a living doing what i love and for CALIFORNIA!

Do you have a regular spiritual practice?

I do but it shifts. I meditate everyday but sometimes that’s on a walk or hike, sitting in our backyard, sitting on my yoga mat. mostly my spiritual practice is getting quiet, stepping away from my thoughts and setting intentions all day long.

How has your yoga practice evolved over the years?

Oh dear. In the beginning it was very clumsy but i was so hungry for it all the time. now i dance with it. It has become much more about the framework, reminding myself of the tenets of the philosophy and operating from that space. of course, i still love the physical practice but i gotta say that the poses interest me less and less. dropping into a flow, getting sweaty and walking out clear = perfection.

What is the greatest gift you have learned/received from yoga?

That i am strong. that i am perfect as i am (harder some days than others.) and to not always believe my thoughts. that last one is probably the most important.

How do you feel in one word today?


Mary Beth LaRue is a yoga teacher and writer living blissed in California with her husband and lovable english bulldog Rosy. She is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Manduka, and shares her daily truth, honesty and wisdom on her blog ananda. I have been following Mary Beth for over a year now and she constantly gives me so much inspiration, I have completely fallen in love with this girl and I know you all will too.

Connect with Mary Beth:
Website: mblarue.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mblarueyoga
Instagram: instagram.com/marybethlarue

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