Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions  


Beginners Yoga

Our Beginners Yoga Class is suitable for anyone who has never practiced yoga before (or has had a long break in their practice), or someone who is simply looking for a more gentle practice. Beginners Yoga is a slow paced flow class with lots of time for explanation of correct ways to execute postures and breathing techniques. As always everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace and rest when they need to.




General Yoga

Our General Yoga Class is our strongest class. Every class includes a gentle warm up, sun salutations, dynamic flow and relaxation and is set to a great soundtrack to get you moving and breathing deeply.





Gentle Yoga

During our Gentle Yoga class you will explore simple yoga posture, delve a little deeper into breathing technique, melt into meditative chanting and deep relaxation. If u are looking for a slow paced yoga practice, living with ongoing health conditions, recovering from surgery this class will be great for you. You will incorporate the use of chairs, straps and other yogic props to access poses with safety and comfort.



yinYin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a divine practice that combines self awareness, curiosity, mindfulness and a powerful letting go of stuck energy, tension and emotions that no longer serve – Let Erin guide you through a series of of deep, slow meditative poses that will allow you to create change on a physical, emotional & energetic level.




All classes are 60 minutes and there is no booking required, we do ask that you please arrive 15 minutes early to secure a spot. Yoga mats are provided.

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