Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Join Jasmine List for a blissful Sunday afternoon workshop that will leave you feeling calm, rested, relaxed and ready for the week ahead. We will incorporate gentle Restorative Yoga poses, Pranayama (breathing exercises), Essential Oils and Yoga nidra to help quieten the busy mind and release tension in your body.

This workshop is perfect for anybody that suffers from stress, anxiety, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, or anybody who just simply wants to deeply relax and rest. No previous yoga experience necessary. Make sure to book in early as space is limited and these workshops always sell out.

July dates to be announced soon!


FREE-WJoin Jasmine List for a beginners guide to Essential Oils. In this fun and informative afternoon workshop you will learn how these powerful oils can help support you in all areas of your life and health. We will be sharing simple recipes and home remedies to assist with immune support, trouble sleeping, aches and pains, stress,  and digestive issues just to name a few. This workshop will include delicious Essential Oil infused raw treats and is completely FREE!



bars-trainingHave you ever wished or asked for something to change in your life? A relationship, a health issue, your money flows? Yet, no matter how hard you tried, you didn’t see the change you somehow knew was possible?

Well, what if one day could change your whole life? What if creating new possibilities and happiness was easy once you had the right toolbox to change things? I’d love to have you at a 1 day workshop that Dr Linda Wilson will be facilitating on something called Access Bars.

What is Access Bars?  ‘The Bars’ is a touch point therapy that quiets the mind, brings us back into balance and creates ease, peace and a sense of well-being similar to a massage or meditation, except so much more.

What is a Bars class like? One day. A ton of tools. Choose what works for you. Receive 2 sessions of bars. Give 2 sessions. Get a manual full of questions, techniques and a whole new toolbox of change. Breathe. Relax. Get Clarity. Be empowered to change anything!

What are the benefits of having your Bars ‘run’?

  • FUN, PEACE, JOY & EASE in every aspect of your life
  • People or situations that once ‘drove you nuts’ no longer bother you or cause problems
  • Release stress, anxiety, and depression
  • An easier time for kids and adults in SOCIAL and ACADEMIC and EMOTIONAL situations

In this class, you will learn:

  • Tools and techniques to create change in whatever area of your life you are looking for
  • How to ‘run’ bars; you will receive two Bars® sessions AND gift 2 sessions. No prerequisites are required – just the willingness to learn something new. After you complete the class you will be qualified to give Access Bars® to others which may include your family, friends and/or clients.

Date // Saturday 26th MAY
Time // 10am – 6pm
Investment // $360 ($180 if repeating or for ages 16-18)
Bring // Lunch, 2 cushions and a fold up or outdoor chair
Provided // Tea, coffee, snacks, manual, head charts and hugs!


autmn-yinIn this deeply nourishing 90 minute workshop we will dive deep into an Autumn Yin Yoga Practice. During our practice we will expore the Metal Element and it’s associated organs & meridians of the Lungs & Large Intestine. The theme of Autumn is letting go. Its our season to release anything stuck or outdated,  any of those things that don’t serve us anymore.  So that as we move into the cooler months we keep only what lights us up & nourishes us.

Through a series of deep, slow asana, you will be guided
though this meditative practice that accesses deep into the
fascia and allows you to reach new levels of mindfulness and self awareness.
You’ll learn how to keep your Metal Element balanced for your optimal wellbeing through nutrition and targeted asana.

Yin increases energy flow, joint mobility, resilience, wellness, flexibility of body and mind and reduces stress and anxiety. Some yoga experience is advised for this workshop.

Date // Sunday 20th May
Time // 3 – 4.30pm
Investment // $30
Bookings // Contact Erin on 0433 903 844

Creating Rainbows is all about the future and our greater understanding of ourselves. Vickie will be the presenter and has been channelling /writing about this for 20 years. Her experience in this field dictates that every moment you are aware of both your higher self and your humanity and by blending between the two you will remember, experience and know what it is to be you. Join us with the innocence of a child and the magic of an open mind. Experience a future that is brighter than anything ever before.

– Multi-Dimensional self
– Parallel Realities
– Why you are here
– How the earth is changing
– Your innate connection to nature
– Off world interactions

Dates // Thursday 24th May and Friday 25th May
Time // 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Investment // BY DONATION
Bookings // HERE