Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

SPRING-YINYin Yoga is a powerful & divine practice that combines SELF-AWARENESS, CURIOSITY & MINDFULNESS. Through a series of deep, slow poses you’ll be guided through this meditative practice, allowing you to observe & self explore in order to create change on a PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL & ENERGETIC level.

Yin is aligned with the 5 Element Theory and Traditional Chinese Energy Meridians so in this workshop we will take a deep dive into the Wood Element and its associated energies of the Liver & Gallbladder. Spring is all about CREATIVITY, EXPANSION, NEW IDEAS, DETOXIFICATION (Liver) & nurturing FLEXIBILITY of body & mind.

In this workshop you’ll come away with deeper levels of self awareness, calm and the knowledge of how to create BALANCE & support yourself throughout this season nutritionally, physically, emotionally & energetically.

When // Sunday 27th October
Time // 3 – 4.30pm
Investment // $30
Bookings // Call Erin for enquiries or bookings 0433903844 or book online at

Join Jasmine List for a blissful, cozy Sunday afternoon workshop that will leave you feeling calm, rested, relaxed and ready for the week ahead. We will incorporate gentle, Restorative Yoga poses, Pranayama (breathing exercises), Essential Oils and Yoga nidra to help quieten the busy mind and release tension in your body.

This workshop is perfect for anybody that suffers from stress, anxiety, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, or anybody who just simply wants to deeply relax and rest. No previous yoga experience necessary. Make sure to book in early as space is limited.